About Palash Mondol

about palash mondol

About Palash Mondol:

Author Palash Mondol

Author Palash Mondol

I am Palash Mondol a Master of Business degree holder who has lost all academic and professional hope due to the coronavirus effect in 2019 and is currently pursuing freedom from money, position, and time.

I am a passionate digital marketer with a knack for captivating audiences and driving engagement through innovative strategies. With a keen interest in the art of brewing coffee, I have seamlessly integrated my expertise in digital marketing with my love for coffee culture. And I was establishing myself as a faithful figure in the realm of coffee lovers.


My Blog Activities:

I reviewed after testing the mentioned Coffee Makers and other Kitchen device models and we recommended these products as per our experience and customer review rating.

My blog kitchendye.com is a Kitchen Gadgets Info and Reviews Site that will help to gather proper knowledge to buy the right products for a customer. So, they can enjoy their daily life without any hassle.


As a Social Worker:

I am a petite social worker. Our organization’s name is Ektara Shilpigosthi. Ektara Shilpigosthi promotes and arranges various cultural activities to improve human mental development. Our next plan is to perform Adult and orphan street child education.

If you purchase through this link, we will get an affiliate commission. Part of this income will be spent on human mind serenity development and adult, and orphan street child education by Ektara Shilpigoshthi.

Performing Ballads

Performing Ballads

Member's Birthday Celebration

Member’s Birthday Celebration



Children's Drawing-1

Children’s Drawing-1



Victory Day Celebration

Victory Day Celebration

Folk Song Celebration

Folk Song Celebration

International Mother Language Celebrate -2

International Mother Language Celebrate -2

International Mother Language Celebrate-1

International Mother Language Celebrate-1

International Mother Language Celebration

International Mother Language Celebration

Children's Drawing-3

Children’s Drawing-3

Children's Drawing-2

Children’s Drawing-2

Professional Journey:

I have honed my skills in digital marketing through years of hands-on experience. I’ve worked in a variety of sectors with a wide range of clients. And I have provided them with delivering impactful campaigns and driving measurable results. My deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends enables me to craft compelling narratives and foster authentic connections with audiences.


Blogging Ventures:

In addition to my digital marketing endeavors, I am also a prolific blogger. I share his insights, reviews, and passion for coffee makers with a growing community of enthusiasts. Through informative content, I seek to demystify the world of coffee brewing. And I strive to empower readers to improve their coffee experience at home.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Blogging & Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Coffee Connoisseur:

I have a fascination with coffee that extends beyond my professional pursuits as I explore the intricate nuances of different coffee beans, brewing methods, and flavor profiles. Whether experimenting with new brewing techniques or delving into the cultural significance of coffee around the world, my passion for the perfect cup knows no bounds.


Connect with Palash Mondol:

Join me on my journey through the realms of digital marketing and coffee culture. Please follow me on social media for insightful tips, captivating content, and a shared love for all things coffee.


Embark on a flavorful adventure with me as I blend the art of digital marketing with the essence of coffee appreciation, one cup at a time.


Wishing everyone prosperity and good health,

Palash Mondol

2 No Sutikhalpar, North Jatrabari,

Dhaka-1204, Bangladesh.

WhatsApp: +880 1916818786

Email: [email protected]


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