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Contact Us is a kitchen tools info and reviews site. We do appreciate your connection for any need. Please contact us for related issues.


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    Palash Mondol

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Email: [email protected]

    WhatsApp: +880 1916818786


    Author Short Bio

    I am Palash Mondol a Master of Business degree holder who has lost all academic and professional hope due to the coronavirus effect of 2019 and is currently pursuing freedom from money, position, and time.

    I am a passionate digital marketer with a knack for captivating audiences and driving engagement through innovative strategies. With a keen interest in brewing coffee, I have seamlessly integrated my expertise in digital marketing with my love for coffee culture. And I was establishing myself as a faithful figure in the realm of coffee aficionados.

    I am a petite social worker. Our organization’s name is Ektara Shilpigosthi. Ektara Shilpigosthi promotes and arranges various cultural activities to improve human mental development. Our next plan is to perform Adult and orphan street child education.

    If you purchase through this link, we will get an affiliate commission and a part of this income will be spent on human mind serenity development, Adult, and orphan street child education by Ektara Shilpigoshthi.

    To learn more about Palash Mondol

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